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Wrinkle Free at 49 : Part III

Hello my beauties and welcome to Part 3 of my Wrinkle Free at 45 series. Today’s topic: Cardinal Rule #3 – Hydration! You cannot separate this holy trinity of skincare. I beg you to trust me on this.

For starters, check out my previous two articles on Cleanse + Exfoliate!  Hydrate we are covering today!

This Holy Trinity is applicable to everyone.

And I mean EVERYONE! 

Yes, you sports playin’, butch, alpha males too! You have skin, do you not? You care about your muscles, your heart and lungs? Well, your skin must be taken care of too! So don’t give me the I’m-a-man-don’t-do-creams spiel! Your skin will crack, burn, stretch and react the same way just like woman’s. 

Here is the wee bit of education: Hydro means water in Greek. Water is the most hydrating natural element on this planet. I must say, I am flabbergasted when I hear people say “water dries my skin”(?!) Even if you didn’t know the origins of the word hydro how could you possibly utter such a thing?! You drink water to keep your internal organs hydrated do you not? It’s a mother of all contradictions!

Follow me here: once you cleansed/exfoliated and rinsed your skin, if left on, water will evaporate within 1-2 minutes. What oh what could one do to benefit from the best hydration on the planet before it evaporates? Erm, seal it with oil! 

Oil is a natural preservative much like salt, sugar, fat and honey. Those two (water ‘n’ oil) don’t mix but man are they best buddies when it comes to hydrating your skin! Oil will not only lock in the hydration of water but will preserve your skin’s elasticity too.

Here is THE BEST advice you will ever hear, regarding skin care:

Leave the water on! Stop wiping it away. Allow your skin to ‘drink’!

I use filtered water but the one you are drinking is perfect for use on skin too as is tap water. About oils: in my opinion all oils (not machine oils) are just fine. Olive, almond, baby, Algenist, Zelensetc. Those of you with oily skin, instead of oil, put some hydrating cream on wet/damp skin.

Hydration properties of all creams currently available on the market will be amplified if applied on wet/damp skin!

Here are my top hydration techniques:

The mighty YOGURT! This nature’s gift is the best natural chemical peel and a hydration serum. I have been banging about it for yearsIt contains Lactic Acid which is a chemical known to help adjust acidity and it has disinfectant and keratolytic properties. A tiny Lactobacillus Acidophilus also resides there and it is a really fab probiotic that naturally sanitizes your skin. My momma has been using yogurt for over 50 years and she swears that it’s ‘the secret’ of her supple, youthful skin.



CLEANSE/EXFOLIATE/RINSE your skin, LEAVE THE WATER TO ABSORB and slap yogurt all over your face, neck and décolletage. Leave to dry then wash off with warm water and DO NOT WIPE the water off! Apply your usual moisturiser, cream, night cream etc.

Yogurt can and should be used daily by everyone regardless of the skin typeFYI YOGURT IS AN INCREDIBLE teenage-pizza-face spot clearing emollient. For people for oily skin, use the super amazing DARPHIN Hydraskin -Light


CLEANSE/EXFOLIATE/RINSE your skin, LEAVE THE WATER TO ABSORB then apply some DARPHIN Hydraskin-light! It’s a mixture of lovely cogongrass, fresh cells of kiwi and essence of mamaku expertly concocted by lovely people at DARPHIN Paris. You can use this light gel in the morning and at night. Apply a small amount to freshly cleansed face and neck. Massage gently in upwards motions.

A lot of you emailed me asking about my own skincare routine. I have normal to combination skin and this is my everyday evening routine:

Wash my hands, cleanse my face/remove my makeup with NUDE Cleanser , exfoliate with my Loofah and rinse. I allow my skin to absorb the water and then I plaster my face, neck and décolletage with yogurt.

Then I start prepping my supper and whilst I’m chopping and faffing around in the kitchen, my skin starts to tauten and that is the sign that yogurt has been consumed and it’s time to wash off… I do just that and, again, leave the water to be absorbed… when damp, I gently massage my Algenist or Zelens oil. 


All three Cardinal Rules obeyed in less then 10 minutes. Skin; flawless.

Recently I met a 21 year old beauty from Trondheim, Denmark. It is very, very cold up there with high humidity levels and super low temperatures. Her skin was so dry that it was painful to watch her speak and smile. I could almost hear it cracking and tearing. She asked me which foundation she should use to help her with her dry skin. I said: “child, foundation ain’t gonna help ya!”

Guess what happens to ‘hydra’ on low temperatures? It freaking freezes that’s what! So you can use hydrating creams until the Hell freezes over it ain’t gonna help you! I proceeded to teach my beautiful nordic warrior princess the ways of skin hydration and preservation.

Here is what I taught her:

CLEANSE/EXFOLIATE/RINSE your skin, LEAVE THE WATER TO ABSORB, then splash your face with water a few more times for extra hydration. Use yogurt as directed above. Apply on wet/damp skin thick oily cream such as Vaseline or Elizabeth Arden’s legendary 8 Hour Moisturizing Cream. 

Yes you will look like a pork chop but it will be worth it! If you do this as soon as you get home and plan to stay at home for the rest of the day/evening you will see the magnificent difference in a about 2-3 hours. In that time your skin will have absorbed all that it needs and you can blot off any excess before you hit the pillow.

Do it!



I cannot guarantee that all the skincare products I suggest will work for you. The same applies to the make-up recommendations. I only write about the products I personally have tried and use on myself and my clients. Please keep in mind that the skin is our biggest organ and everyone’s is different. It is possible to be allergic to anything. Whenever possible test products out on yourself before purchasing. 

My views are my own.

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