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Reiki Attunement | What to Expect

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Reiki practice is incredibly relaxing and helps increase energy, boosts the sense of positive well-being, releases pent-up emotions and ‘stuck’ energy, balances the chakras (energy centres) and as such reduces daily stresses and anxiety.

Here (Published by UCL Health Organisation) is just one of many scientific studies conducted.

A typical Reiki attunement session involves an hour of meditative relaxation and can be carried out absolutely anywhere.

All you need to do is close your eyes and surrender to the experience. Soothing meditative/delta waves music may be played and some practitioners use incense too to help the relaxation process. You may even fall asleep during a session, and that is perfectly okay.

You always remain fully clothed.

The use of music and incense is always discussed with you prior to your session as your comfort is of utmost importance. 

The practitioner can use a Hands On method where the hands are placed lightly on the specific areas of the body. For that, the attunee and the practitioner must be physically in the same space.

The practitioner may also use a Hands Off method and that can be performed in person and remotely. 

Sessions at a distance* can be done over the phone/FaceTime/Skype/etc. or with no audio/visual link. 

The remote appointments are booked the same way as the in person ones. All you do is make yourself comfortable at an agreed date/time and be open to receiving the attunement. 

If you are unable to do so, as Reiki is a form of energy healing and primary attuning takes place at an energy level (your five energy bodies: physical, emotional, mental, energy, spiritual) you can carry on with your daily tasks and still receive the attunement. 

Often the practitioner will ask questions at the end of the session, and you can then verify any sensations you were feeling. Many practitioners write reports to their clients detailing the information and sensations they received during your attunement. 

Most Reiki practitioners focus on your chakras, to make sure the energy there is balanced and vibrating at an optimal rate.

Once your Reiki practitioner begins work, you may feel warmth/energy emitting from their hands as the transfer of energy takes place.  

You may even feel tingling or tad emotional as the blockages in your energy and physical body are being released. 

Sometimes you will not feel anything at all. 

Your practitioner will place Usui Reiki Symbols into your energy centers and that may take between 2 and 5 minutes or until the practitioner senses that the energy channeled has reached full potential for that particular energy centre.

The hands can be placed over 20 different areas of the body and If there is a particular surface or internal injury hands may be held just above that area.

The session ends when your practitioner gives you a gentle nudge or softly wakes you up. You are given ample time to come back into the present moment. Then, you are welcome to discuss with your practitioner any and all sensations you may have experienced during your attunement and then your practitioner may offer you their insights and offer further guidance.


*Remote attunements are performed in cases when either you or your practitioner live in different cities, countries, in cases of quarantine, hospitalisation or in any and all other instances where neither of you are able to meet in person.






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