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Perm anyone?

© by David Bailey

Today I’d like to talk about Permanent Waves A.K.A. The Perm.

Electrical Perming Machine invented by Isidoro Calete in 1917

I am fundamentally against permanent waves as they are not permanent at all!

1970s and 80s were the decades when the perm had it’s biggest revival since 1917. Of course, I had my hair permed, as did my aunt, my neighbour and pretty much the whole female population of the city. Drawing from personal experience, after about 5 weeks, as my hair continued growing, I ended up looking like Joey Tempest rather than a glamorous film diva I was aiming for.

Hair is rolled on very small curlers, treated with chemicals that are offensive to your sense of smell and usually the result is a very frizzy and super curly hair. Obviously the hair perming has evolved since the 1920s and nowadays you can have spiral, wavy, multi-textured, loose, pin-curl perms but if not regularly styled the chances of you ending up looking glamorous like our Kate above, are slim to none.

Moral of the story: Unless you are prepared to go and root perm your tresses every 4-5 weeks; my advice is: love and take care of your hair the way it is… and if you are desperate for the curl/wave, learn how to pin-curl. It is the cheapest and time tested technique that does not damage your hair and does give you beautiful looking, voluminous waves.

I cannot guarantee that all the haircare products I suggest will work for you. I only write about the products I personally have tried and use on myself and my clients. Please keep in mind that the skin is our biggest organ and everyone’s is different. It is possible to be allergic to anything. Whenever possible test products out on yourself before purchasing. 

My views are my own.

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Written by Nina

Founder of Nina's Hair Parlour, UK's 1st Vintage makeup and hair salon. Expert colourist, hairdresser, educator and vintage hair styling specialist. Works in feature film, theatre and TV. Hair obsessed.

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