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Nina B. Budden | Nina’s Hair Parlour

Nina Butkovich-Budden

Nina Butkovich Budden | Founder of UK’s 1st Vintage Makeup and Hair salon

Hair artist extraordinaire, founder of Nina’s Hair Parlour, UK’s 1st vintage makeup and hair salon, head hair artist at Ivana Pilja and Le Pustra’s Kabarett Der Namenlosen. Creator of famous antlers worn by HRH Lady Gaga. Nina’s work has taken her across the globe working in film, TV and fashion. Here she shares her beauty secrets with us.

Age: 47

Skin Type: Combination

SO: Morning routine; which daily moisturiser do you use?

NBB: I wash with water and use Dr Gross collagen and vitamin C hydrating moisturiser.

SO: Do you use an SPF? If yes, which one?

NBB: I rarely do as I am so pale I use any and all opportunities to catch some rays and a bit of a tan.

SO: Do you need to keep hydrated throughout the day, if yes, how?

NBB: Only when in hotter climates, then I spray some water from my water bottle.

SO: Which makeup remover do you use?

NBB:  Love Shu Uemura Anti-Oxi cleansing oil.

SO: Which eye cream do you use?

NBB: Algenist again. I find that the Ultimate Anti-Ageing eye cream hydrates, brightens and nourishes my eye area.

SO: Do you use a toner? If yes, which one?

NBB:  I do not use toners.

SO: Which serum and/or night cream do you use?

NBB: Love Ultimate Anti-Ageing Vitamins C Serum. It smells like heaven and does what it says on the tin.

SO: Your favourite mascara?

NBB: Diorshow Mascara.

SO: Your favourite lipstick?

NBB: Rimmel Provocalips in Heart Breaker.

SO: Your favourite concealer?

NBB: YSL Touche Èclat forever!

SO: Thank you for sharing 🙏




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