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Michelle Doherty | Alpha H

Michelle Doherty

Michelle Doherty 1967 – 2020 | Founder of ALPHA H


Per Aspera Ad Astra

What defines us as people is the way we navigate through life’s thorny paths to reach the stars.

Michelle Doherty‘s own skin struggles lead her to create one of the most advanced cosmeceutical brands on the market.

The mighty ALPHA H.

Here is the short interview where she shared her beauty secrets with us:

SO: Morning routine; which daily moisturiser do you use?

MD: Regardless of weather conditions, sunshine, hail or snow, I apply my Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+. It’s a moisturiser/primer with an inbuilt SPF…why buy three products when one product does all three!


SO: Do you use an SPF? If yes, which one?

MD: Religiously. If I’m feeling like Sporty Spice I grab the Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ as it is sweat-resistant and water-resistant for up to 4 hours.

SO: Do you need to keep hydrated throughout the day, if yes, how?

MD: I’m a huge believer in topping up my hydration throughout the day. Misting is a must. I tailor my needs according to what my day looks like…If I’m sitting in front of my computer screen I will use my Daily Essential Vitamin Mist, as it contains pure blueberry extracts that block blue light emissions which cause cell damage. If I’m travelling whether it’s by plane, train or car I spritz my Moisture Boosting Facial Mist. Either way a topical drink for the skin can only benefit your complexion and ensure your makeup looks fresh and dewy throughout the day.


SO: Which makeup remover do you use?

MD: This sounds so biased but I only use our Alpha-H Daily Cream Cleanser. When I was introduced to this product 26 years ago it changed my life. I went from using harsh, soap/foaming SLS products that stripped my skin, to this gentle, caring and delicate lotion that cleansed, removed eye makeup and restored my oil and water levels. Imagine something as simple and affordable that could change the way I felt about my skin.



SO: Which eye cream do you use?

MD: Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream…launching soon, so watch this space!

SO: Do you use a toner? If yes, which one?

MD: I’m not a believer in toners but I do use my Liquid Gold every second night.  It feels like a toner, looks like a toner but gives the results of a salon grade peel. Maximum results without the downtime…Who doesn’t want to wake up to better skin???

SO: Which serum and/or night cream do you use?

MD: I move about with my serums as I’m a believer in dressing the skin according to lifestyle, climate, stress levels and everything else which has a massive impact. Water soluble and singular vitamins for the day such as concentrated Vitamin C (sunny days), concentrated Vitamin B (indoor days, air conditioning), oil soluble for evening, 1% retinol (Vitamin A) for rebuilding my collagen, and pure Vitamin E if I’m stressed and need a hug.

SO: Your favourite mascara?

MD: Kevyn Aucoin hands down the best.

SO: Your favourite lipstick?

MD: Chanel for colour and Clarins Eclat Minute 03 for natural colour and shine.

SO: Your favourite concealer?

MD: Don’t need one thanks to Alpha-H.

SO: Thank you for sharing Michelle.

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