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Lynne Sanders | Cosmetics à La Carte

© by Danny Bird

Lynne Sanders

Lynne Sanders | Founder of Cosmetics à La Carte | © James Scott

Lady Gaga, Grace Jones, Debbie Harry, Jerry Hall. The boys from U2. Elizabeth Taylor and HRH Princess Diana. These are just a few of most incredible people that came through the doors of Cosmetics à la Carte’s central London boutique since the company was founded in 1973.

Here, the founder and head cosmetic scientist Lynne Sanders shares her beauty secrets:

SO: Morning routine; which daily moisturiser do you use?

LS: Our Rose Dew primer and moisturiser because it creates an amazing silky surface for foundation and has great skincare benefits too

SO: Do you use an SPF? If yes, which one?

LS: I only use our Sunstop sunscreen if I am on holiday in the sun, otherwise I rely on a bespoke blend of Skin Tint and Skin Velvet Foundation in shade Sand which has a mineral sunscreen with SPF 15-20, which is fine for city wear.

SO: Do you need to keep hydrated throughout the day, if yes, how?

LS: My skin is combination, so I opt for light, oil-free hydration. Our Rose Dew is perfect for my skin type in our temperate climate; it has bumper levels of moisturising Hyaluronic acid and Sodium Lactate to maintain hydration.

SO: Which makeup remover do you use?

LS: I take makeup off with Creamy Clean cleansing lotion for supple and pampered skin.

SO: Which eye cream do you use?

LS: Eye Creams make my eyes puffy so I created Hydralift, an energising eye gel. This has a unique blend of botanical actives which de-puff, hydrate and brighten my eyes every day.

SO: Do you use a toner? If yes, which one?

LS: I love to rinse my face and take off eye makeup with our gentle Rosewater Tonic. The pure rose otto refines skin texture and reduces redness, and the alcohol-free formula is very hydrating.

SO: Which serum and/or night cream do you use?

LS: I am creating a range of serums at the moment and trying them all out but always rely on our Hydrasmooth anti-wrinkle night cream with botanical muscle relaxant. It really makes a difference to fine lines.

SO: Your favourite mascara?

LS: The Cosmetics a La Carte Divine Lash of course! It’s capable of building lashes without clumping or flaking and comes off with Rosewater Tonic.

SO: Your favourite lipstick?

LS: I start with our Superwear Gel Waterproof Lip Liner all over my lips for comfortable, long lasting definition. Then one of our Sheer Balm lipsticks which are glossy, conditioning and give a very natural tint.

SO: Your favourite concealer?

LS: Without a doubt this has to be our brides’ favourite Secret Light eye base and concealer. It makes redness and shadows fade away without fear of falling into the creases during the day.

SO: Thank you for sharing Lynne.

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