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Elemis, how I love you Elemis!

SO you know how you take your Jimmy Choos for a walk and you are looking all sexy and fabulous strutting your stuff down the Kings Road and then you do a Bambi?!

Forget the humiliating part and the fact that your nickers are on display!

THE PAIN is absolute.

My ankle was like: Baby doll… I ain’t working no more today or for the next few weeks in fact.

And I was like: OMG! AAA! PAIN! How will I go to work?! How will I get to the car HOW WILL I DRIVE and WHERE DA HELL will I find the painkillers! ? !

God looked down on his fallen twinkle toes and sent me an Angel… and by Angel I mean my friend Nina who was meeting me for coffee and who carries all kinds of wonderful and weird things in her, oh so oversized, bag. So she dove in and dug up a tiny bottle of something and said to my ankle and I: Guys, this is a miracle and it will help you both.

So, as we were in agony, we agreed that Nina’s was the way to go.

The magic liquid turned out to be none other than Elemis Musclease Active Body Oil.

I don’t know what’s in it and frankly my dears I don’t give a damn!

     It WAS a miracle!

Within 10 minutes of gently massaging my ankle with it, it felt much better. So much so, that I managed to graciously limp down the street (without crying) and get some painkillers.

The much anticipated swelling turned out to be a minor protuberance and I only had to ingest mighty Solpaedine that first day. After that day of discovery, I have über successfully used this oil on my carpal tunnel, knee bump and shoulder stress pain.

Moral of the story: Wear your stilettos with caution. Keep Elemis Musclease oil on your person at all times.


I cannot guarantee that all the skincare products I suggest will work for you. The same applies to the make-up recommendations. I only write about the products I personally have tried and use on myself and my clients. Please keep in mind that the skin is our biggest organ and everyone’s is different. It is possible to be allergic to anything. Whenever possible test products out on yourself before purchasing. 

My views are my own.

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