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Vitamin C Part 1

© by Hannah Choi/Allure

C  =  Vitamin C   +   E  =   Vitamin E   +   O  =   antiOxidants

I lurve all citrus fruits and have known about their healing and detoxifying properties as momma Millie has been teaching me about skin care since forever.

As much as I enjoy making my 2l daily dose of fresh lemonade and rubbing the leftover lemon skin on my face, I do love me some luxury in a pot from time to time. So, for the past week I have been testing Sunday Riley’s C.E.O. C+E antiOXIDANT Protect & Repair Moisturiser.

As the title of this article suggests I was absolutely blown away. I was made in 1972 and as fabulous as my skin is, I do appreciate when science advancements deliver actual advancements and superior quality.

Ms Riley certainly delivers on her promise.

She used the most complex of all Vitamin Cs (had no idea there were more than one 😐 ) and it is called THD Ascorbate. It’s more stable and less irritating than the other Vit. Cs. Then she added some Lime Pearl Extract that’s super fab for gentle exfoliation, and you know how I love to exfoliate! Anywho, all that fabulousness was then enhanced by Exopolysaccharides that are like a shield against the environmental pollutants etc.  Here  is Sunday telling us all about it ?.

If you, like me, like to pamper your skin from time to time, indulge in this one.


I cannot guarantee that all the skincare products I suggest will work for you. The same applies to the make-up recommendations. I only write about the products I personally have tried and use on myself and my clients. Please keep in mind that the skin is our biggest organ and everyone’s is different. It is possible to be allergic to anything. Whenever possible test products out on yourself before purchasing. 

My views are my own.

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