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Hi and thank you for checking this page out! Here I am going to share my story and how I came to go down the Reiki path.


For the past thirty years I have worked both in front and behind the camera and have had the opportunity and privilege to meet and work with hundreds of talented people… actors, models, musicians, dancers, photographers, writers etc. 

Doing someone’s makeup is a very intimate act … you are in each other’s personal space, makeup application is very relaxing and so, more often than not, people open up and share their stories… they would ask for guidance and advice and I would often find myself simply listening to their tales of hardship and struggles.

I wanted to do more than just listen.

I wanted to be able to offer practical and effective thoughts and potential solutions.

Having gone through eating disorders, depression, anxiety and trauma in my life I found myself on the road to healing and there I found teachings and techniques that are effective and applicable to anyone … I decided to learn how to help others in an effective way and here we are:

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Guide, Past Lives Regressionist, Chakra Healer,    All Level Healing and NLP Master Practitioner.

We are all part of this awesome life experience and I am deeply grateful for hard lessons I learned as those have brought me here, to a place where those painful hardships help me to help others.

I really hope to connect with you.

 Namaste | I honour the Divine in You

My Usui Reiki Lineage

Usui Reiki Principles ? My Way






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Written by issidora

Usui Reiki Master Teacher | Meditation Guide | Award winning makeup artist and a skincare expert. Co-founder of Nina's Hair Parlour. Compulsory truth teller, history buff & a science groupie. Founder & Editor-In-Chief @ Skin Odyssey.

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