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Wish Wash

The following advice is given as a result of significant increase in poorly washed hair yours truly encountered in the recent years.

‘For the love o’ Gaaad!’ you cry. 

Wet your hair, shampoo twice, rinse, condition, dry, done.

Sounds simple enough… but is it?

Slapping a handful of shampoo and swirling it through your hair is not the same as washing it. That would be like shoving your dirty vest into the soapy water, whizzing it twice and thinking it was now clean.

You gotta put some muscle action into it!

Same for hair washing.

So here is what you should do:

Shampoo #1:

Follow the instructions on your shampoo bottle and use as advised.

Massage your head, put those nails to use and gently scratch your skull as that will help remove dead skin and residue helping new hair to grow.

Rinse #1:

Rinse ALL of the shampoo before you shampoo the second time.


Yes, it is important to shampoo twice so just do it.

You will need much less shampoo as your hair will be mostly clean, so you will find that it will lather quickly and lushly.

This wash is like a hair polish, making sure that all the dust and dirt is removed and your hair can benefit from the nourishing ingredients of the shampoo.

Rinse #2:

Do it well, and I mean weeHeell!

If you do not, you will end up with the shampoo residue and that’s just gross.

Conditioning and/or treatment :

NEEEEVER on roots!

The only exemption is if your hair is bleached and/or chemically treated.

Keep in mind that your hair is nourished from the roots so conditioner should only be applied on the ends, approximately from ears downward.

Combing your hair through is really great while the conditioner is doing it’s thang, especially for you curly whirlies.


Do it well as above and air/blow/towel dry.

Style or not, whatever strikes your fancy!


I cannot guarantee that all the haircare products I suggest will work for you. I only write about the products I personally have tried and use on myself and my clients. Please keep in mind that the skin is our biggest organ and everyone’s is different. It is possible to be allergic to anything. Whenever possible test products out on yourself before purchasing. 

My views are my own.

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Written by Nina

Founder of Nina's Hair Parlour, UK's 1st Vintage makeup and hair salon. Expert colourist, hairdresser, educator and vintage hair styling specialist. Works in feature film, theatre and TV. Hair obsessed.

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